Monday, October 19, 2009

Can't Wait For Halloween!

Well, Halloween is fast approaching, and being that it's one of my favourite holidays of the year (I just love dressing up and handing out candy; the whole thing!) I thought I'd take a gander at Digg and see whether anything interesting is going on in the wonderful world of haunted houses, since I'm in the market to go see a few this year.

Turns out most of the really good ones are in the 'States, but if I get the chance I'd love to head down there and check some of them out. They look really spectacular!

Here's a link to the thirteen best haunted houses in the United States. Pay special attention to the ones in New Orleans: I was there a few years ago, and boy is it ever a creepy town. Beautiful, but creepy – especially at night time. All those old houses sitting in the middle of can really see why Anne Rice decided to base the Vampire Chronicles there. You're half-expecting Lestat to leap out of the darkness and lunge for your throat any second – and in some of these haunted houses, that's just what happens!

Hope you enjoy it, and maybe I'll see some of you there this Halloween!